Teledex E Series VoIP Cordless

Part Number: E-Series

Product features

  • Available Frequencies: 1.8 GHz and 1.9 GHz
  • Single or two-line speakerphones
  • Supports up to four handsets, including one on the base and three remotes
  • Up to seven (7) configurable Guest Service Keys
  • Patented OneTouch voice mail retrieval
  • LED indicator lights for Speaker, Mute, & Hold keys, Line 1 & Line 2 keys (2-line models only)
  • Dual Neon/LED message-waiting light
  • HAC/VCH (ADA) compliant handset volume boost
  • Electronic 3-way conference*
  • Dual Port (10/100) for HSIA
  • RediDock available
  • Available in Ash or Black


*Two-line only

Available in single and two-line, analog, VoIP, corded, and cordless configurations, micro-footprint Teledex E Series phones have created an entirely new hotel guestroom telephone category. Originally designed to meet the limited space requirements aboard cruise ships, E Series phones require less room on the hotel guestroom desk and nightstand, and consume less energy in the manufacturing process, so the impact on the environment is smaller as well. 

Ghekko offer an extensive range of hotel phones. They are designed specifically for the hospitality sector, allowing staff and guests to communicate with ease.

Teledex E series Datasheet

The following models are available:


  • E103IP - 4 GSK
  • EV21319S4D3 Ash
  • EV11319S4D3 Black
  • E103IP - 7 GSK
  • EV21319S7D3 Ash
  • EV11319S7D3 Black
  • E103IP-RediDock
  • EV21319S0HKU3 Ash
  • EV11319S0HKU3 Black


  • E203IP - 4 GSK
  • EV22319S4D3 Ash
  • EV12319S4D3 Black
  • E203IP - 7 GSK
  • EV22319S7D3 Ash
  • EV12319S7D3 Black
  • E203IP-RediDock
  • EV22319S0HKU3 Ash
  • EV12319S0HKU3 Black
Phone Type
- IP
- Hospitality phones
Number of lines
- 1
- 2
- Speaker
- Mute
Delivery options
- Worldwide shipping
- 1 year
- PoE (Power over Ethernet)
Phone features
- Cordless
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