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Teledex M Series Standard Analog Corded

Part Number:M-series

Product features

  • Single or Two-line speakerphones
  • Optional alarm clock with remote control
  • 5 or 10 configurable guest service keys
  • Patented OneTouch voice mail retrieval
  • Dual Neon/LED message-waiting light
  • 2 side USB power ports for device charging
  • Electronic 3-way conference (2-line only)
  • HAC/VCH (ADA) compliant handset volume boost
  • Full-length customizable paper faceplate
  • Trimline available
  • Available in Black


M Series Standard hotel phones are available in analog, VoIP, corded, and cordless configurations. Choose 0, 5, or 10 guest service keys on the phone, and 0, 3, or 6 on the RediDock remote handset kit. USB charging ports on the phone and RediDock support smart device recharging. Optional alarm clock with remote control. OneTouch voice mail retrieval automates guest messaging. AutoSync registers RediDock handsets with the base to eliminate connection failures and misplaced handsets. 

Ghekko offer an extensive range of hotel phones. They are designed specifically for the hospitality sector, allowing staff and guests to communicate with ease.

Teledex M series Datasheet

The following models are available:


M1005 - 5 GSK

  • MA10S5D Black

M100C5 - 5 GSK, Alarm Clock

  • MA10S5DC Black

M10010 - 10 GSK

  • MA10S10D Black

M100C10 - 10 GSK, Alarm Clock

  • MA10S10DC Black

M100TRM - Trimline

  • MA10NT Black


M2005 - 5 GSK

  • MA20S5D Black

M200C5 - 5 GSK, Alarm Clock

  • MA20S5DC Black

M20010 - 10 GSK

  • MA20S10D Black

M20010 - 10 GSK, Alarm Clock

  • MA20S10DC Black

M200TRM - Trimline

  • MA20NT Black
Phone Type
-Hospitality phones
Number of lines
Delivery options
-Worldwide shipping
-1 year
Phone features
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