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Why buy new when we can repair your existing equipment? Ghekko Networks’ repair services are more cost-effective than buying new equipment. We’ll save you money by increasing the life of your current equipment.

We’ve set up two specialist testing labs at Ghekko Networks with a vast array of captive equipment in them that allows us to test most telecoms products as well as optical and networking products. We employ experienced electrical engineers, telecoms engineers and repair technicians capable of diagnosing problems and repairing all products.

Our extensive product knowledge and experience enable us to provide the best repair services.

We’re more than happy to screen products for our customers and recommend the best course of action for their repair, even if they want to take it back and repair it themselves. We can also upgrade firmware and software for you providing it is in line with your licence agreements.

For more information on our repair services for telecom, networking and optical equipment, please contact us.

You can also consult our repair lists for Avaya, Nortel, Cisco and optical products.

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Phone and systems repairs
Phone and systems repairs
Why replace your telephone systems when we can repair them? Ghekko Networks are one of the leading phone systems repair specialists. Our OEM trained senior engineers use the best processes to repair phones, systems, conference phones etc… Contact us today and we will be more than happy to help you and send you a quote.
Optical hardware repairs
Optical hardware repairs
At Ghekko Networks, we don't only repair your telephone systems, we also repair your optical equipment. Our engineers have a wide knowledge of the products and industry and operate repairs on any type of optical hardware. Contact us today to request a quote. We are more than happy to help you!
Conference phones repairs
Conference phones repairs
Repairing your conference phone is a cost effective and environmentally friendly solution as it increases the life of your current equipment. Why buy new when we can repair it for you? Our engineers and technicians are specialists and when it comes to repairing conference phones they run stringent processes. From testing to fixing, their extensive industry and manufacturers knowledge enable them to provide the best repair service. Contact us today and we will send you a quote for repairing your conference phone.
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