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Teledex Opal Series Analog Corded Hospitality Phones

Part Number:Opal-Series

Product features

  • Single or Two line configuration
  • Auto Detect MWI for high and low voltage signaling
  • Large printable faceplate area for important dialing and contact information
  • Easy-access data port for convenient laptop computer connection
  • Extra-bright message waiting indicator
  • Electronic 3-way conference*
  • Last-number redial
  • Up to 11 Configurable Guest Service Keys
  • Handset volume boost

*Two-line only


Teledex Opal Series hotel phones have a recognizable international design that compliments modern guest room décor. Available in single and two-line, analog, corded and cordless configurations, with an optional speakerphone, Opal Series are equipped with a red multi-function message-waiting light, and 0, 3, 5, or 10 programmable guest service keys.

Ghekko offer an extensive range of hotel phones. They are designed specifically for the hospitality sector, allowing staff and guests to communicate with ease.

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Please take a look at Teledex Opal Series Data Sheet.

Models available:

Opal 1000 Ash

Opal 1000 Black

Opal 1001 Lobby Ash

Opal 1001 Lobby Black

Opal 1002 Ash

Opal 1002 Black

Opal 1003 Ash

Opal 1003 Black

Opal 1003S Ash

Opal 1003S Black

Opal 1005 Ash

Opal 1005 Black

Opal 1005S Ash

Opal 1005S Black

Opal 1010 Ash

Opal 1010 Black

Opal 1010S Ash

Opal 1010S Black

Opal 2006 Ash

Opal 2006 Black

Opal 2006S Ash

Opal 2006S Black

Opal 2011 Ash

Opal 2011 Black

Opal 2011S Ash

Opal 2011S Black

Phone Type
-Hospitality phones
Number of lines
Delivery options
-Worldwide shipping
-1 year
Phone features
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